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Great Theater, For Crying Out Loud!

Have you ever been part of something that inspired you to the point of tears? You’re probably going to think that I am sappy, but yes, I have gotten a little weepy at Acadia Community Theater’s spring production of Shrek, the Musical, to be performed at MDI High School April 7-9, 2017 and the Criterion Theater April 14-15. I’m playing a tap dancing rat and Fiona as the ogre at the end of the show. I didn’t expect to react with tears, but one Saturday at rehearsal after seeing the first run through of Act 1, I found myself really emotional. I mean, Broadway emotional. The show is REALLY good!

I’ve been involved with theater most of my life. I can remember playing a witch in a Jamestown Academy show in 4th grade. I played princesses, ringmasters, and Frau Schmidt in high school. I rejoined the stage in the one-act performances at Colby College, took tap dancing as an artistic outlet in graduate school, and then tried out for Anything Goes at the Grand Theater in Ellsworth when I moved to the area.

I finally found home, however, when I joined Acadia Community Theater in a winter production of Miracle on 34th Street at the Neighborhood House. It was a supportive environment encouraging kids to participate in theater with their families, try new things, and dress up in fun clothes. I loved it!

Then, I finally realized that it takes money to support my theater habit. I stared to contribute financially to organizations like Acadia Community Theater (ACT) and the Grand to help them put on shows. I kept thanking everyone at ACT for putting on shows for me – forget that audience! Well, not really… We hope the shows are wonderful for our audiences, but gosh darn it, my life was so enriched by being part of ACT, I had to acknowledge that!

Keri Hayes, ACT Board Chair, finally approached me about being on the board of ACT. I hedged at first for many reasons. Who wants to finally be responsible for something they have enjoyed at such a visceral level? I decided in the end that if I believed that passionately in the power of safe, supportive local theater, I had no choice but to get involved and work harder on behalf of ACT to raise money, write press releases, and help in any way with our shows.

That is why I joined the ACT board. We need your support. Your contributions help us make costumes, provide stipends to music and technical directors, and secure the rights to fun shows like Shrek and Willy Wonka. THAT is what enables all of us to get up on stage and perform like giant hams (or green eggs and ham in the case of Seussical, the Musical). Please consider supporting Acadia Community Theater through an on-line donation or by advertising in our program. And, don’t forget to come see Shrek. If I’m weepy, I hope you will roar with laughter and take joy in the talents of our community.

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