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Return to the Stage is a Recipe for Excitement

When I heard that Willy Wonka was the 2016 Spring production I thought to myself, "Oh how I would love to audition!"

I was nervous for various reasons. First off it had been a very long time since my last stage performance, and secondly having physical limitations I naturally doubted myself. But with the encouragement of family and friends I took the plunge once again. I rehearsed my chosen song until I I had it down pat.

I was so excited to be chosen to be part of this truly magical musical. My last musical was nearly 20 years ago when I played Mother Sister Regina in Nunsense II. The most challenging part of my role is that I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. There were running jokes theater wide about pregnant nuns!

Fast forwarding to today, I am finally returning to the stage and eagerly await to do more shows! And that daughter I spoke of? She is a theater technician and my son is an ACT alum.

Come see this amazing show!

Lorraine Smart, an MDI native and MDIHS alumna, started performing at the tender age of 5. She sang and danced her way to her first production in American Graffiti. 17 years passed before Lorrain took the stage again performing for The Downriver Theater Company in Machias as Mother Regina in Nunsense II and a Teen Angel in Grease. After nearly 20 years she is returning to the stage for her first ACT show, hoping there will be many more to come. She resides in Bass Harbor with her two children.

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