About Us

Acadia Community Theater, or ACT, seeks to enrich the lives of individuals, families and the community by encouraging growth and expression in theater arts and by providing live performances on and around Mount Desert Island.


In 1994 a group of teachers formed the “After School Players” to stage shows for and including children in the Mount Desert Island, Maine area. This group was subsequently renamed the Union 98 Teachers’ Theater. According to an e-mail from Debbie Mountford, that first group included Mark Puglisi, Maryann Van Dorn, Debbie Mountford (nee Hacket), Paul Winkler, Paula Richardson-Gannon “and whoever else we could nab!”


In 2000, the group formed the non-profit corporation Acadia Community Theater and shortly thereafter was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. The activities of Acadia Community Theater are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors​

Jonathan Bender

Heather Dillon

Mia Thompson

Angel Hochman

Kristin Holley

President:  Keri Hayes

Vice President: Matt Hochman

Secretary:  Judith Cullen
Treasurer: Joanna Robinson-Clarke

Seth Clarke

Sydney Roberts Rockefeller

Patti Savoie

Matt Cornish

Doug Van Gorder

Mark Carignan

ACT Scholarships


Acadia Community Theater invites community members to apply for its annual scholarship program to fund ongoing education in the performing arts. Three $150 scholarships are available. In recent years, ACT scholarships have been used for voice lessons, conference attendance, and university expenses. This year we request that applicants prioritize these funds for remote lessons from artists within their communities, although all applications will be considered.

Applications are due by May 8 and the awards will be announced thereafter on ACT's social media. ACT community members are particularly encouraged to apply, although all community members are eligible

Contact Us

P.O. Box 301 - Mount Desert, Maine 04660




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