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My daughter is about to be blown up into a giant blueberry!

I never thought I would say this, but on April 8th, my daughter is about to be blown up into a giant blueberry. “What?” you ask. Yes, a blueberry. Actually, I don’t even have a daughter, but I have so enjoyed working with Erin Hollis, who is playing my daughter in “Willy Wonka” the spring show for the Acadia Community Theater. Erin is playing Violet Beauregarde, one of the unfortunate children who meet their fates as they tour the Wonka Chocolate Factory.

I feel blessed to be part of this production. I have always liked the Acadia Community Theater because this group is incredibly supportive of each other. We have participants from age 4-74 (most shows), and it is a joy to know all of them and see them working together for a common goal – producing a quality show to entertain the public. The first show I did with Acadia Community Theater was “Miracle on 34th Street” in 2001. I can’t believe that it has been 15 years of involvement, but I sure love hearing that the Munchkins I knew in “The Wizard of Oz” are now graduating college.

That’s what our theater troupe is all about—getting to know each other and supporting each other as we grow and experiment in the theater arts. It’s been a joyous experience seeing our kids grow up and thrive. I say “our kids” because despite the fact that I don’t have biological children, I have shared in broader community development. We have a safe place for people, including myself, to try being funny, being sad, being angry, and more. What a gift to give each other!

I encourage everyone to come to the show April 8-10th at MDI High School and April 15-16th at The Criterion. While I know you won’t know the children in the show the same way that I do, I think you will find them creative, incredible, and worthy of investment. They make me laugh daily, and I’m pretty sure you will love them, too!

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