The End of an Era - My First Inspiration in Theater

Tonight, my high school theater director will be overseeing his final show at New Milford High School. I had hoped to be there but life gets in the way. Bobby Keck first taught me to love theater as a sophomore. Our all-school musical was Anything Goes and he needed tech crew. I was happy to learn lights, sound, set building and the ins and outs of being a stage manager. I remember being captivated by the high school musical production of Bye, Bye Birdie as an 8th grader in the audience. This was my chance to be a part of the show. Through three musicals and two senior plays (I filled in for the stage manager who was down with mono my junior year), Mr. Keck taught me a resourcefulness that c

A Family Connection with Theater

If anyone had ever told me when I was either in high school or a young adult that I would ever love performing on stage and being part of a community theater program I would have laughed. I never did theater growing up and didn’t think I’d really ever have the opportunity or really want to participate. Back in 2001 when my oldest daughter was about 8 she begged me to audition for an ACT play. I allowed her to try out, as she wasn’t really into the athletic options she had and at that time enjoyed doing ballet and tap dance. She was excited when she was offered a part in Alice in Wonderland. While at rehearsal with her once in a while they asked me to read for absent actors and I always

ACT Offers Scholarships

The Acadia Community Theater Board of Directors is proud to announce that we will be awarding two scholarships this spring. The winners will be announced during the second weekend of our production of Shrek, The Musical. A $500, one-time scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior to pursue further education in the performing arts. It may be used for college study in a performing arts major, to help finance a performing arts-related internship, or to fund other special projects related to performing arts education. A $200, one-time scholarship will be awarded to a younger student to pursue performing arts education. The scholarship may be used to pay for private lessons, for tuition a

Great Theater, For Crying Out Loud!

Have you ever been part of something that inspired you to the point of tears? You’re probably going to think that I am sappy, but yes, I have gotten a little weepy at Acadia Community Theater’s spring production of Shrek, the Musical, to be performed at MDI High School April 7-9, 2017 and the Criterion Theater April 14-15. I’m playing a tap dancing rat and Fiona as the ogre at the end of the show. I didn’t expect to react with tears, but one Saturday at rehearsal after seeing the first run through of Act 1, I found myself really emotional. I mean, Broadway emotional. The show is REALLY good! I’ve been involved with theater most of my life. I can remember playing a witch in a Jamestown Academ

When Shrek Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

“For those who have, for one reason or another, not been to see the shows put on by the theatre department of Mount Desert Island High School this year, take note. Their current production of Ken Kesey’s ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,’ playing this weekend, is one that should not be missed.” That is the opening paragraph quoted from Nan Lincoln’s review of that year’s spring play at MDI High School, published in the Bar Harbor Times on Friday, May 21st, 2010. Even in employing my considerable “Google-Fu,” I can’t find a digital version of the review, but the hard copy I printed for myself on that following Monday is still in perfectly readable condition. Over the course of the review, Ms

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