Return to the Stage is a Recipe for Excitement

When I heard that Willy Wonka was the 2016 Spring production I thought to myself, "Oh how I would love to audition!" I was nervous for various reasons. First off it had been a very long time since my last stage performance, and secondly having physical limitations I naturally doubted myself. But with the encouragement of family and friends I took the plunge once again. I rehearsed my chosen song until I I had it down pat. I was so excited to be chosen to be part of this truly magical musical. My last musical was nearly 20 years ago when I played Mother Sister Regina in Nunsense II. The most challenging part of my role is that I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. There were running j

Meet the last Golden Ticket Winner

Eight year old Nora discovered the final Golden Ticket after a thorough search of McGrath's in Northeast Harbor. Newsman Phineas Trout found out more about our lucky winner. Phineas Trout: What school do you attend? Nora: I am in third grade at Mount Desert Elementary School. Phineas Trout: What is your favorite kind of candy? Nora: My favorite candy is Hershey's Krackel bars. Phineas Trout: What do you like to buy when you go to McGrath’s? Nora: Ice cream bars in the summer and hot cocoa in the winter. Phineas Trout: Who will you take to the show with you? Nora: My friend Lulu. Phineas Trout: Who is your favorite character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and why? Nora: I like the Oom

The First Golden Ticket Has Been Found!

Five year old Jolene has found the first Golden Ticket at Carroll Drug in Southwest Harbor. Our own intrepid reporter, Phineas Trout found out a little more about Jolene... Phineas: Where do you go to school? Jolene: Island Montessouri Phineas: What is your favorite candy? Jolene: Gum, chocolate and Sweet Tarts. Phineas: What do you like to shop for at Carroll's? Jolene: TOYS! Phineas: Who are you bringing with you to the show? Jolene: My friend Violet Phineas: Who is your favorite character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Jolene: I have not seen or read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...yet!

I Got a Golden Ticket!

Our Golden Ticket Search was a great success! We are looking forward to meeting our winners on Opening Night on Friday and presenting them with their prizes! Emilynn found her ticket at Choco-latte on Sunday Nora searched long and hard to discover her ticket at McGrath's in Northeast Harbor Carmen may not be a kid, but this kid at heart was the happy recipient of the Golden Ticket at Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium Jolene was the first to find a Golden Ticket, unearthing hers at Carroll Drug


Did that get your attention??? Then come and see Acadia Community Theater's upcoming production of Willy Wonka where this mild mannered (!!!) school nurse is transformed onstage into an over the top ridiculous German Frau who dotes on and constantly feeds her always hungry obese young son. I don't want to reveal too much I have been involved in community theater now for many years, first starting out playing alongside my young children. They grew up and left the stage but their mom continued on!!! I love costumes and singing and laughing and so it seemed a natural fit. I enjoy the "community" aspect of working together with all ages. We are (almost) all on a level playing

I Got Charlie?!

Last year I went to see ACT’s production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Pemetic Elementary. I had some friends from school in that show so I wanted to see them. Before the show began, a woman came out (I now know that was Keri) and announced what ACT’s next show was going to be. The moment she said Willy Wonka I totally freaked out. I’ve loved that movie (the old Gene Wilder one) for a really long time. It’s a little bit of everything; funny, scary, weird, sad… And it’s cool to look at too – all those colors and costumes… So I knew as soon as I heard this was going to happen on the island that I wanted to be a part of it. I’ve always liked watching plays and writing plays, but I’d nev

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